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Hal Donaldson understands the feeling of hopelessness. At 12 years old, a car accident killed his father and left his mother fighting for life. Hal and his three younger siblings were embraced by a poor family who took them in when no one else could. When his mother finally came home, the family lived on the edge of poverty for many years. It was the humble congregations of his father’s church who held the family up and helped them through their hardest times.

These experiences stirred a vision in Hal to reach out to the lost and hurting. What if struggling pastors in rural America received encouragement and help? What if natural disasters were opportunities to rescue and connect people with the local church? What if single mothers—like Hal’s mom—never had to wonder how they’d feed their children?

Hal Donaldson’s mission is to bring help and relief to families just like his. You can help, too! 

This year, we’re expanding our Fall missions' OneDayChallenge into a Week of Hope!

Oct. 17-21

For an entire week, Calvary Church is partnering with an organization that reflects our commitment to international relief and empowerment: Convoy of Hope. This is a time to gather together and use the work of our hands and inspired generosity to provide life-giving, hope-giving help for those in need.


Join us as we give one week of our lives to change a lifetime for others!



Here's how you can help us support the many ways that Convoy of Hope is changing the world:

Hope in Action: A Family Service Project

Wednesday, Oct. 17
7 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall at Calvary Church Naperville

On Wednesday, Convoy of Hope’s iconic semi-truck will arrive at Calvary Church Naperville full of supplies, and we will join that evening to pack more than 10,000 emergency kits. Bring the whole family as we assemble these relief supplies for storm survivors.

Hope for Every Woman: A Women's Brunch

Saturday, Oct. 20
10 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall at Calvary Church Naperville
Tickets: $5

Our women’s brunch is a time to see how Convoy Women is sharing hope with women in seven countries across the world by providing job skills training, financial education and start-up funds for women to provide for their families. We will hear from Doree Donaldson, director of this life-changing program.


"Every woman deserves to be empowered, to have strength and dignity, to know she is valuable. Through this program, the lives of women and their families are being transformed and receiving hope for a better future. I am excited to be a part of helping my sisters all over the world!" — Doree Donaldson 


Weekend Services with Dr. Jason Streubel, PHD

Sunday, Oct. 21 | 9 & 11 a.m. | Calvary West

Our Week of Hope will culminate with Convoy of Hope Director of Agriculture, Jason Streubel, A.K.A. “Dr. Dirt”, speaking in our Sunday services.  Dr. Streubel joined the Convoy of Hope team in 2011. He holds a Ph.D. in Soil Science from Washington State University and has built numerous agriculture projects customized to the needs in the areas served by Convoy of Hope.  Dr. Streubel believes that ending poverty depends heavily on food security and locally sustainable agriculture solutions.  The COH Agriculture work is not just about helping impoverished farmers farm better, it’s also about feeding children. Since 2011 in Haiti, 2,600 individual farmers have been trained in best management practices for culturally relevant agriculture increasing yields by 300 percent. Last year, that work culminated in 1,263,489 meals for the Children’s Feed Program that were locally grown in Haiti from farmers that COH had worked with and trained.

These Sunday services will provide the opportunity for us as a congregation to offer our generosity and partner with God’s work through Convoy of Hope.

Convoy of Hope

Convoy of Hope is a nonprofit organization that has helped over 100 million people throughout the world by sharing food, water, emergency supplies, agricultural know-how and opportunities that empower people to live independent lives, free from poverty, disease and hunger. Each year, they mobilize tens of thousands of volunteers and partner with churches, businesses and other humanitarian organizations who are intent on doing good work around the world.

What Does Convoy of Hope Do?

  • Community Events: Local events that help struggling families receive free groceries, medical and dental screenings, haircuts, veteran services, job and career services. 
  • Children’s Feeding Program: A program that feeds over 177,000 children in 11 countries through school meals and take-home rations. 
  • Disaster Services: Convoy is consistently one of the first organizations to respond to disasters in the U.S. and throughout the world. 
  • Agriculture: Impoverished farmers and families are equipped with the skills, tools and seeds to produce life-sustaining crops. 
  • Women’s Empowerment: Convoy Women encourages women around the world to realize their value and reach their potential through job training and education.
  • Rural Compassion: Providing resources, empowerment and partnership with rural churches helps Convoy to strengthen entire communities.