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At Calvary’s Guest Services Ministry, “each 1 matters.” We believe that each person who attends Calvary Church (whether a first-time visitor or a long-time member) is valuable to God and is therefore valuable to us.   

Our mission is to ensure that every person who attends a weekend service at Calvary Church feels welcomed, assisted and safe each time they come onto our campus.  

This ministry includes greeters, a guest welcome team, a medical team, a parking team, a security team, ushers, and others.  

call: 630-466-4940


Visitor Follow-up Ministry

The goal of the Visitor Follow-Up Ministry is to increase the likelihood of a visitor to continue attending Calvary Church. We also help visitors to take the next step toward connecting with Calvary. This is accomplished by following up with first-time visitors through phone calls.  

Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT)

The Medical Emergency Response Team is on call during every service. During the initial stages of an emergency medical need, this team provides Calvary Church members and adherents with both medical and spiritual support to the fullest degree possible.  

Campus Assurance Ministry (CAM)

The Campus Assurance Ministry is an all-volunteer team of men and women who are dedicated to providing a watchful eye over the congregation, the pastors and the church building in order to ensure a safe, secure and comfortable atmosphere.    

Ushers’ Ministry

Ushers support the senior pastor and the pastoral team by helping to maintain a spiritual environment in which Calvary congregants can interact with God during a worship service. Their main responsibilities include collecting the offerings and assisting the seating of congregants. 

Greeters’ Ministry

Greeters strive to characterize the love of Christ and make new visitors and regular attendees feel and know that they are welcome when they enter the building. Greeters also provide helpful information before and during services.  

Guest Welcome Team

Members of the Guest Welcome Team make themselves available to tell visitors about Calvary while listening to any needs or questions of the guests. They demonstrate the warmth of Calvary in a one-on-one setting.